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Lawn Preservation Option Called Aeration

Allowing air to be circulated or incorporated in water, liquid, or any substance is known as aeration. This could be in different varieties namely aeration in water, aeration in food items, and a lot more. Nonetheless, this document will only tackle doing soil aeration as a method for lawn preservation. Read more about it in the succeeding paragraphs.

Anyone who has a lawn may be aware that proper care may include enough water and mowing, but little they know aeration is equally important. Fundamentally, soil aeration would imply to generate gaps to make it possible for air, water, and nutrients movement into the root base. When carried out correctly, the roots can grow well making the lawn healthy and looking beautiful.

The Primary Reason for Soil/Lawn Aeration?

Your lawn must be regularly aerated from various reasons. However, the main reason would be to cure soil compaction. The thing is, soil compaction is extremely frequent in places individuals always step on it and for those having a clay type of soil. And when soil is compacted, chances are, nutrients, water, and other elements needed for the grass to grow cannot penetrate, thus makes it wither if not attended.

Lawn Aeration

Based on experts’ advice, it is suggested to aerate soil or lawn in cool season – the fall. Typically, the grass is attempting to grow in this time and weeds are kept at bay.

Aerating the soil in late spring can be done as well but you have to make sure that the soil is seriously impacted. Moreover, you must see to it that weeds are already set but should not yet bear flowers and seeds.

Now you may ask, why not to have the aeration at spring instead? Maybe the best answer is simply because weeds grow excessively at this time and if you will conduct soil aeration in this season, you are going to help these weeds to thrive more. Nonetheless, the present condition of your soil may also be important to consider. Even if soil aeration in spring is far from recommended, when you have an extremely compacted soil and the grass is at risk to wither, then most likely, aeration must be performed wisely.

Lawn Aeration Tools

The home and gardening market may offer you several kinds of tools such as the plug or spike aerator but it you be better if you do the research on your own. Make use of the Internet and enter a reliable and homepage that relates to your fact-finding pursuit. Yet, here are the most basic info. that you must put in mind: (1) go for effective and durable tools, (2) read the reviews from previous customers, and (3) choose items that easy to handle.